TSE Brakes’ push rod system

Updated Sep 18, 2017
TSE-REX(TM) with VCT(TM) from TSE Brakes (PRNewsfoto/TSE Brakes, Inc.)TSE-REX(TM) with VCT(TM) from TSE Brakes (PRNewsfoto/TSE Brakes, Inc.)

TSE Brakes’ TSE-REX (Rapid EXchange Push Rod system) with VCT (Variable Clocking Technology) Push Rod System is engineered for easier installation, better chamber sealing and fewer necessary model numbers. The system helps prevent errors caused by bent push rods and manually cutting rods to the incorrect length. The ports can be spun freely during installation and secured with one bolt, and they have variable locations instead of left hand or right hand. The design includes a factory-sealed diaphragm and also helps eliminate hose chaffing.

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