Mississippi Industries for the Blind’s heavy-duty booster cables

Updated Dec 1, 2017

Heavy-Duty Booster CablesMississippi Industries for the Blind’s heavy-duty MIL-SPEC military-specification booster cables are designed to jump-start dead batteries for all vehicles. Developed by MIB for the U.S. military since 1984, the booster cables combine 1-gauge stranded copper welding-type cable with solid copper clamps constructed from a copper sheet for enhanced electrical conductivity and an efficient jump start. The cables are thicker than standard 6-gauge jumper cables, and each clamp and cable has a 600-amp minimum current rating. The clamp jaws are serrated, and the clamps are assembled with a heavy-duty high-tension spring tested to hold 500 pounds to facilitate a good, solid connection to the battery terminal. The oil- and abrasion-resistant booster cables maintain flexibility in a wide range of temperatures from -94 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in lengths of up to 25 feet for easier vehicle positioning.

Mississippi Industries for the Blind, www.msblind.org