Continental using IoT to monitor tire pressures

Updated Apr 5, 2018

Conti Connect 2018 04 04 09 16Continental announced that its digital tire monitoring platform, ContiConnect, is using Vodafone’s Internet of Things SIM technology to collect tire pressure data for commercial vehicle fleets and display it in a mobile-friendly web portal.

The company said a fleet’s tires can be monitored every time its trucks or buses return to the terminal, helping prevent blowouts on the road and allowing a fleet manager or maintenance manager to view the data remotely and using the web portal’s ability to send text message and email alerts if a tire issue is identified. With this technology, manual pressure checks in the yard are eliminated, and tire data is available fleetwide.

“Fleets no longer have to rely on performing tire pressure checks on tens, hundreds or even thousands of tires on their vehicles,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of Commercial Vehicle Tires in the Americas. “Leveraging the Internet of Things saves fleets time and money by protecting their tires and improves safety for everyone who drives on the roadway.”