Lite-Check’s Verifier 1010 Trailer Inspection System

Lite-Check Trailer Inspection SystemLite-Check’s Verifier 1010 Trailer Inspection System is a high-speed device engineered to produce an advanced data and diagnostics report of a trailer’s brakes, electrical system, air, lights and more. The Verifier is designed to conduct a compliant U.S. Department of Transportation inspection using Technology & Maintenance Council recommended practices and Farmers Home Administration guidelines, or a customized preventive maintenance inspection, with one technician and one pass around the trailer.

Once completed, the inspection, report and information is uploaded to the user’s secure cloud-based account, which allows for access from any computer, tablet and smartphone with approved credentials; managed data by trailer, trailer type, inspection, site, customer and status; mass upload for all existing trailers; dropdown menus for trailer type, VIN, technician, site and customer; and immediate view of trailers that are ready, out-of-service, due for an inspection within the next 30 days and more.