Lite-Check’s truck tester

Updated Nov 23, 2016

lite-check-model-137-truck-testerLite-Check’s Model 137 Truck Tester is designed to test and diagnose safety concerns between the truck and trailer by ensuring the truck’s voltage is sufficient to power the trailer’s antilock braking system while under load; verifying the voltage recommendation for additional trailer hookups; and testing how the ABS cab light responds to a trailer’s ABS electronic control unit.

The tester, available in January, also is built to provide assurance of the truck-side air pressure system: Once the air pressure is built up on the emergency side, the engine can be turned off, and the brake can be pressed repeatedly to release pressure on the emergency side. As the pressure is released, the technician can use the tester to verify the alarm is activated when the pressure is at or below the alarm’s threshold.