John Bean’s heavy-duty wheel balancer

Updated Sep 6, 2018

9800 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancing SystemJohn Bean’s 9800 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancing System is suited for shops that perform daily multiple heavy-duty balancing jobs for trucks, buses, RVs and automobile wheel and tire assemblies. The system is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use and is capable of handling wheel ranges from 12 inches to heavy-duty-sized wheels up to 24.5 inches, as well as super-single tires and sensitive alloy wheels by hiding weights behind spokes.

Key features, according to the company, include a pneumatic wheel lift that aids in proper wheel mounting and reduces strains caused by lifting heavy tires; semi-automatic data entry that makes setup easy and eliminates errors as it inputs diameter and distance using the inner input arm; and self-calibration by the operator, who can recalibrate the balancer in two steps to ensure accuracy.