P.S.I.’s TireView tire pressure monitoring system

Updated Nov 9, 2018

PSI TireViewPressure Systems International, a provider of automatic tire inflation systems, announced TireView, a robust tire pressure monitoring system designed for commercial vehicles available early next year. P.S.I. acquired TPMS product provider TST in April 2017 and adapted its designs.

P.S.I. said adding TPMS to its product line represents a key expansion of its portfolio to provide a bumper-to-bumper solution for tire management. The first phase of the TireView launch will include a standalone solution for the truck and tractor market, followed by products for trailers as an enhancement to P.S.I.’s ATIS for trailers or as a standalone.

P.S.I. said TireView also will offer an optional flow-thru kit designed to enable the TPMS sensors to remain mounted to the axle during routine tire maintenance while still providing damage protection and theft resistance.

“We see TPMS and ATIS as complementary solutions, not competitive,” said Jonathan Gravell, vice president of business development for P.S.I. “Both approaches bring their own set of benefits. Automatic inflation is always the most desired approach. However, adding TireView will provide fleets with enhanced tire data, allowing them to identify the specific tire that requires attention, which no other system can do today.”

P.S.I. also is working with telematics providers to give fleets the capability of viewing tire status remotely for proactive maintenance.