Bridgestone America’s steer tire

Updated Apr 12, 2019

Bridgestone America’s R284 Ecopia steer tireBridgestone America’s R284 Ecopia steer tire is designed for improved fuel economy and enhanced treadwear in long-haul and regional service. The tire’s tread compound helps lengthen wear life, while the company’s NanoPro-Tech polymer technology helps reduce rolling resistance. Bridgestone’s IntelliShape sidewall features a slim bead to help reduce tire weight and further minimize rolling resistance, and the company’s proprietary Fuel Saver Sidewall compound works with NanoPro-Tech to help reduce energy loss. An optimized tread depth and width help maximize tread volume, while the company’s Defense Side Grooves within the tread pattern help minimize shoulder wear for longer life. Equalizer Ribs also are incorporated into the tread to help absorb irregular wear and promote higher removal mileage.

Bridgestone Americas Inc.,