IMI’s lift axle control module app

Updated May 13, 2019

I Lacm High Res 2019 05 13 09 23IMI’s Intelligent Lift Axle Control Module is designed to consistently deploy and retract lift axles to the correct pressure settings, helping to eliminate driver guesswork, reduce the risk of overload fines and improve safety. The ILACM is an enhancement to IMI’s Norgren Lift Axle Control Module that is engineered to withstand and shift reliably in cold temperatures. The LACM has simplified plumbing with fewer fitting connections and leak points, helping eliminate the need for quick-release valves to get the axle off the ground quickly. The ILACM adds intelligent technology, with preset tamperproof operation parameters designed to be programmed easily from a smartphone or tablet through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. A cab-mounted override switch offers overload monitoring alerts.