Cooper’s long-haul trailer tire

Updated Jun 12, 2019

Cooper’s Pro Series LHT long-haul trailer tireCooper’s Pro Series LHT long-haul trailer tire features the company’s ECO (Energy Conservation Optimization) technology that combines design, compounding and construction to provide an ultra-low-rolling resistance tire with long miles to removal and optimized fuel efficiency. The tire features 12/32nds of tread depth and is engineered with a V-shaped tread pattern with ribs evenly spaced to facilitate improved load distribution. The design also helps ward off irregular wear, and its four-belt steel casing construction allows multiple retreads. Cooper’s Wear Square on the shoulder ribs is designed to illustrate tread depth, indicate irregular wear and show when the tire should be pulled for retreading. The tire is available in size 295/75R22.5 with additional sizes planned.

Cooper Tire and Rubber Co.,