PetroClear’s DEF filtration products

Updated Jun 12, 2019
PetroClear DEF Dispenser Filter Housing and DEF Dispenser Filter ElementPetroClear DEF Dispenser Filter Housing and DEF Dispenser Filter Element

PetroClear, a manufacturer of fuel-dispensing filters, introduced new diesel exhaust fluid dispenser filtration products designed to help prevent retail and commercial fuel site operators from distributing contaminated DEF.

Selective catalytic reduction systems in diesel vehicles are sensitive to DEF contamination. Vehicle problems stemming from contaminated DEF range from onboard indicator lamps illuminating to premature water pump and injector wear and SCR repair or replacement. PetroClear’s new DEF Dispenser Filter Housing and DEF Dispenser Filter Elements are engineered to help filter contaminants before they reach the vehicle’s onboard DEF filter.

PetroClear’s DEF Dispenser Filter Housing is constructed of heavy-duty 316L stainless steel for added durability and includes a mounting bracket kit and wrench. Also included are 1-inch NPT or 1-inch BSPT inlet/outlet connections, a ring nut closure to facilitate quick cartridge changeouts and a spring-loaded knife edge seal that helps provide positive sealing for the filter element.

PetroClear’s DEF Dispenser Filter Elements are designed to filter urea crystals and other contaminants to prevent them from reaching the onboard DEF filter. Also included are 5-micron (absolute) and 10-micron (absolute) particulate removing filters with elements that help prevent SCR malfunctions resulting from DEF contamination and extend onboard DEF filter life.