Permatex’s parts cleaner, degreaser

Permatex Spray Nine Grez Off Hd Degreaser 2019 09 24 10 42Permatex’s Spray Nine Grez-Off Parts Cleaner and Degreaser incorporates the company’s proprietary Carbon-Cutting Technology that removes carbon, oil and grease without the need for petroleum solvents, abrasives or acids. It also features a proprietary corrosion-inhibiting formula that helps prevent flash rusting and is formulated to be nonflammable and to not generate fumes. Applications include engines, transmissions, rear differentials, the undercarriage, machinery, tools, workbenches, garage floors/walls, asphalt, stainless steel, chrome and exhaust hoods. It is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle, 1-gallon jug, 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum. Available at participating parts stores.