Wabco’s rear blind spot detection system for trailers

Wabco Tail Guard 2019 10 02 10 17Wabco, a supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies designed to improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, last month launched TailGuard in North America. The rear blind spot detection system with active braking is designed for commercial trailers to help mitigate rearward collisions. Active braking is enabled when paired with Wabco’s Roll Stability Support (RSS) system on trailers.

TailGuard monitors stationary and moving objects behind the trailer – such as pedestrians, vehicles, cargo and infrastructure – to activate vehicle brakes to slow or stop the vehicle to prevent impending collisions. Sensors mounted to the trailer monitor an approximately 6-foot radius and activate if the brakes are not applied within two or more feet of the object.

TailGuard is part of Wabco’s Intelligent Trailer Program solutions that help trailer manufacturers differentiate their products by offering options to decrease running costs, reduce downtime and enhance safety for their fleet partners, said Jon Morrison, president for Wabco Americas.

“TailGuard expands blind spot monitoring to the rear of the tractor-trailer combination, in keeping with Wabco’s commitment to extend safety around the entire vehicle,” Morrison said. “We anticipate TailGuard will help drivers more safely maneuver their trailers, prevent unnecessary damage to their equipment and their surroundings and ultimately contribute to Wabco’s mission to save lives.”