Xantrex’s solar charge controllers

Updated Mar 28, 2020

Xantrex Solar Charge Controller 2020 03 26 13 35Xantrex has added two solar charge controllers designed to work with battery chemistries such as lithium-iron phosphate. The entry-level 30A PWM has a flush-mount industrial design for a clean aesthetic finish, and it features a built-in LCD display set up to provide easy programmability and real-time data. The 30A MPPT (maximum power point tracking) features dual-bank output designed to allow for solar to charge and maintain both the house and starter batteries that can be of different chemistries as long as they have the same nominal voltage, either 12 or 24 volts. The unit’s advanced MPPT feature offers a multistage charging algorithm that helps maximize energy conversion efficiency.

Xantrex, www.xantrex.com