Doleco’s ratcheting load binder

Doleco Do Ra Ratcheting Load Binder 2020 03 31 14 52Doleco’s DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder is made to be three-quarters as long as a standard load binder, allowing it to fit into tighter spaces, and it also is designed to expand to let users reach further and keep them from having to detach and reattach chains when periodically retensioning cargo during mandatory periodic inspections and driver duty status changes. The unit’s proprietary spindle-in-a-spindle ratchet configuration allows the ratchet housing to be shorter by enabling one threaded spindle to retract by screwing inside the other. When extended, the DoRa’s longer spindle length gives users more tensioning distance, allowing users to start out with a tighter chain and to perform multiple retensionings without the need to disengage the binder’s clevis hooks from its chains. The load binder comes standard with clevis hooks to be compatible with steel chains, and it also is designed to work as a system with the company’s DoNova PowerLash Textile Lashing Chain and can be ordered with a slip hook and keeper on both ends of its spindles.

Doleco USA,