Talbert’s fixed-neck drop deck trailer

Talbert Manufacturing 35 Fg Bvtl Fixed Neck Drop Deck Trailer 2020 04 14 09 35Talbert’s 35FG-BVTL Fixed-Neck Drop Deck Trailer, part of the company’s Double Drop Series, is designed for small- to mid-size equipment machinery movers operating in oilfields, agriculture and construction and demolition. The 35-ton trailer is rated at 70,000 pounds concentrated in 20 feet and features hydraulic ramps for safe, efficient loading and unloading in confined spaces. The 48-foot overall length includes a 22-foot-long deck that is 8 feet 6 inches wide, along with an 8-foot 6-inch rear bridge section with recessed crossmembers.

The trailer has an 84-inch swing radius and an 18-inch kingpin setting for increased maneuverability and versatility. The 36-inch sloping beavertail features a 14.98-degree load angle coupled with a full-width plate with traction bars outside the main beams for optimal rear loading. The deck flooring is 1.5-inch Apitong, which provides added strength for long-term durability under heavy loads, and the unit has a low loaded deck height – 30 inches, 40 inches for the rear bridge — and a 10-inch road clearance. The trailer is manufactured with heavy-duty T-1 100,000-psi minimum-yield steel.

Talbert Manufacturing, www.talbertmfg.com