Amphenol’s EV coolant leak sensor

Water and coolant detection in Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packsWater and coolant detection in Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packsAmphenol’s Coolant Leak Detection Sensor is designed for electric/hybrid-electric vehicles to detect the presence of water and coolant in the vehicle’s battery pack enclosure, allowing the vehicle’s battery management system (BMS) to alert the operator to take proper countermeasures to reduce the risk of pack failure and possible electrocution hazards. The sensor operates on standard 5-volt power and is engineered to detect as little as 2.8mm of standing water in the bottom of the battery pack enclosure. For diagnostics, the sensor includes a 510kΩ resistor in parallel with two plated contacts for open/short circuit detection, and its small footprint allows for various mounting positions, along with custom-length wire leads and connector options. It also includes a 2D barcode for full traceability requirements.

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