Yokohama’s 714R P&D drive tire now available

Updated Jul 2, 2020

Yokohama Tire 714 R 2020 07 01 08 17Yokohama’s 714R, an open shoulder drive tire engineered for urban pickup-and-delivery applications, now is available in sizes 225/70R19.5 (14) and 245/70R19.5 (16). The tire debuted at the TMC show in February.

Benefits of the 714R, according to the company, include open shoulder grooves that help enhance traction in wet or snowy conditions; a longer original tread life due to a wide tread pattern that helps control the tire’s ground contact pressure and to tie-bar connectors that help control block movement to minimize heel/toe wear; funnel-shaped step grooves to help prevent stones and other debris from reaching the bottom of the groove where casing damage can occur; and an advanced compound that facilitates lower rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.

Yokohama Tire,