Cooper’s Roadmaster regional winter drive tire

Updated Jul 2, 2020

Cooper Tire Roadmaster Rm258 Wd Winter Drive Tire For Regional Haulers 2020 07 01 11 10Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster RM258 WD Winter Drive Tire for regional haulers features an open shoulder design with four rows of lugs and is Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake-certified due to its shoulder notches and chevron grooves for added bite. It comes in sizes 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 with load range H. The tire has a new tread pattern and curb guards, coupled with enhanced compounding, and its deep 26/32nd tread, along with full-depth 3D siping in the lugs, help the tire connect closely with the road for improved traction. Tie bars in the shoulders impede tread squirming to assist with uniform wear, while stone ejectors in the tread grooves help keep small rocks from drilling into the casing, improving casing life. A four-steel-belt construction permits multiple retreads.

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