Trucker Path launches first load free program to mitigate current market challenges

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Sept. 4, 2022: 

Trucker Path offers first load free program

Rate per mile for loads sourced and negotiated by Trucker Path Dispatch were as much as 26% higher than the national average in August 2022.

Because of current market challenges, Trucker Path is now offering the first load on its personalized dispatch service for free.

To get started with Trucker Path Dispatch, drivers can submit their Motor Carrier Authority, Certificate of Insurance and W-9 tax forms, sign a service level agreement and begin sharing their load and lane preferences with their personal dispatcher.

After the first load free, the only cost to drivers is a 6% fee per booked load thereafter – a fee that is typically more than covered by the higher paying negotiated rate.

“We know it’s a challenging market right now and finding the right loads is far more difficult than it has been for quite a while,” said Trucker Path Chief Marketing Officer Chris Oliver. “The personalized approach of Dispatch lets drivers determine their lane and commodity preferences, and then we find the loads they want to haul at high paying rates. We’re offering the first load free program because we want drivers to understand the overall value of using a dispatching service offered by a company that does so much more than merely telling them where to go and what to haul.”

Trucker Path’s US-based dispatchers help drivers source and negotiate loads, handle check calls, monitor hours of service and compliance while the Trucker Path app provides the safest and most efficient truck-specific route, including best fueling and parking options. Drivers can also scan all trip documents to their assigned dispatcher in order to speed up the payment process and keep all paperwork in an organized digital location.

API platform expands offerings to help last-mile tech developers

HyperTrack, an API platform for logistics tech builders developing solutions for last-mile fulfillment integrating mobile, maps and cloud, recently expanded its technology offerings with a new tool and has completed a Series A fund raise of $25 million to support company growth and expand global engineering teams as it pursues further development of technology.

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BuilderX is the company’s new technology that enables fast time-to-market for developers building last-mile logistics technology for on-demand use cases. The tool offers new capabilities, including software development kits and application programming interfaces to plan, assign and track orders for last-mile logistics with custom business logic and workflows.

BuilderX enables self-improving routes, nearby search, geotags, geofences, flex routes and on-time routes that capture the ground truth of every step of the order lifecycle, from order planning and assignment to the precise point of fulfillment, reducing the time it takes and the staff needed to build out the consumer and driver apps for mobile, live location tracking, operations dashboard and cloud infrastructure.

These are its capabilities:

Plan and assign orders for efficient operations – build custom business logic and workflows for on-time delivery with higher capacity utilization and predictable per-order cost. Eliminate bill shock for hyperscaler cloud and maps consumption due to opaque and piecemeal pricing of lower-level services.

Track orders for on time fulfillment with lowest cost – live location tracking with driver and consumer apps, operations dashboard for continuous real-time visibility.

Learn and improve end-to-end order fulfillment lifecycle – intelligence built on ground truth of your logistics operations including addresses, service and route times.

Develop and deploy end-to-end order fulfillment lifecycle solution for last mile logistics in days without a team of mobile, maps and cloud experts.

New initiative aims to bundle freight to help reduce costs

An automotive logistics platform has launched a new initiative that aims to consolidate freight.

Building on its strategy to simplify automotive logistics while ensuring supply chain resiliency to ultimately reduce costs, deadheading and the industry’s carbon footprint, ACERTUS is using data and automation to bundle freight to maintain business performance in tight market conditions while also making efficiency improvements resulting in full trucks, an emphasis on cost reduction and supply chain optimization.

“Through automation and supply chain optimization, we estimate that orders bundled through ACERTUS’ platform will result in more than 10 million miles saved this year alone,” said ACERTUS Chief Digital Officer Blair Koch. “This initiative drives operational efficiencies for ACERTUS, maximizes load factor for our carriers, and creates efficiencies and economies of scale for less than truckload orders for our dealership and OEM customers.”

The new data science initiative resulted in 2 million miles saved in July.

Nearly 20% of orders were optimized during the month, saving on average 7.5% in transportation costs.

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