GeoSpace Labs launches new AI Dashcam

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Jan. 22, 2022: 

New AI dashcam hits market

GeoSpace Labs has launched a new AI dashcam with advanced computer vision algorithms that instantly detect unsafe driving and alert drivers in real time.

GeoSpace's event intelligence technology analyzes every video within seconds to determine the context and severity to help fleets prevent accidents and reduce risk. The company says it can help reduce accidents by up to 30%.

Key features of the dashcam, which is aimed at smaller fleets and independent operators, include industrial-grade reliability, clear HD video resolution and a wide field of view for more coverage; up to 104 hours of camera storage; and a built-in Quick Capture feature button to instantly initiate an automatic video upload to safety departments.

Microsoft Connected Fleets adds Wejo to ecosystem

Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO), a provider of cloud and software solutions for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data, has adopted the Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture.

Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture enables an ecosystem of partners that address the fleet management market by simplifying specialized analytics and value extraction from vehicle data and streamlining integration with business systems.

The reference architecture enhances and will streamline access to Wejo’s connected vehicle data (CVD). Wejo’s CVD is delivered in near real-time, directly from its OEM partners. ISVs, SIs, and fleet managers will benefit by accessing Wejo’s CVD more efficiently, facilitating faster integrations with customer-specific requirements, enabling integration of fleet management functions with business applications for field services, simplifying the delivery of advanced analytics, accelerating time-to-insights and delivering fleet management capabilities without needing to retrofit hardware.

NMFC Book goes 100% digital

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Book will be available in print form for the final time in 2023.

Going forward, the information contained in the book will be available exclusively from ClassIT: the online version originally released in 2006.

The decision to provide classification information exclusively in digital form is part of NMFTA’s digitizing and sustainability initiatives.

“Over the last several years, members have been making the shift to online classification, as today we host over 7,000 users of ClassIT versus just under 700 printed books that are distributed throughout the year,” said NMFTA Executive Director Debbie Sparks. “ClassIT has more functionality than the book, and as an organization, one of our strategic endeavors is to help digitize the industry, and this can be another way we will accomplish that.”

Users will have the benefit of robust search capabilities, including the ability to access historic classification files and search for multiple terms and definitions, as well as trademarked names. ClassIT also offers numerous calculators not found in the book that assist in determining not only density, but also the applicable provisions where necessary.

Current subscribers of the book will receive promotional pricing through Dec. 31, 2023.

Trucker Path launches new in-app marketplace

Trucker Path has rolled out its new in-app marketplace, featuring discounts and special offers on products and services specifically for drivers. The offerings in the marketplace are available and easily accessible by all members of the Trucker Path community.

 “The new Trucker Path marketplace was developed to provide easy access to discounts from leading providers who offer products that not only help truckers go about their business more efficiently, but also help them with life’s essentials and comforts,” said Trucker Path Chief Marketing Officer Chris Oliver.

For the initial launch, the Trucker Path marketplace features a set of offerings from trusted partners to coincide with this time of year, including healthcare and tax-related services. That list includes telehealth services (with the first two months free); discount prescription cards; major medical insurance; dental and vision coverage; life insurance; accident medical coverage; accounting services; and tax preparation.

Additional services and products will continue to be added to the Trucker Path marketplace in the future.

Xos offers mobile fleet management application

Xos, Inc., a technology company that provides fleet services and software solutions and manufactures Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric commercial vehicles, has launched its mobile fleet management application.

Xosphere Go. Is for customers and authorized Xos dealers to manage their Xos vehicle and chargers on the go. It is available to all owners of Xos battery-electric vehicles and is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Xosphere is Xos’s proprietary fleet management software purpose-built to minimize the total cost of ownership of electric fleets. It combines Xos’s proprietary hardware and software into a seamless, intuitive platform. With Xosphere, fleet managers are able to monitor the real-time health and performance of their fleet, measure and minimize their fleet’s total energy cost, and access service and support directly in the platform.

All owners of Xos vehicles and chargers receive complimentary access to Xosphere and can leverage basic functionalities such as making service requests, receiving service updates, accessing the knowledge center and receiving online support. A paid subscription of Xosphere includes all the benefits from the complimentary version as well additional benefits, such as access to full-service history, telematics like GPS and state-of-charge signals, vehicle and charger performance reports, and access to the Xosphere Go mobile application.

Schneider expands use of Relay Payments

Transportation provider Schneider is expanding the use of Relay Payments to its entire fleet, consisting of 10,000-plus power units and 12,000-plus drivers following a pilot program in which it tested the fintech company’s lumper payment solution.

"With Relay, our drivers were able to improve productivity and data accuracy for lumper transactions. We're always interested in new technology that boosts efficiency and improves our drivers' workflow," said Lee Whipp, Schneider senior director of purchasing. "Relay has reduced friction for both our drivers and back-office teams, and we've found the software is easy to use."

Schneider's operations and customer service teams also realized gains from using Relay. Drivers began paying warehouse fees directly from their cab, reducing time on the phone to authorize fleet checks or cash payments. The digital, contactless payment process saved drivers significant time with each delivery. Additionally, Schneider's finance team received instantaneous e-receipts, allowing them to guarantee reimbursement and improve customer billing.

Co-founders of Relay, launched in 2019 to modernize payments for the supply chain, logistics and trucking industries, saw how drivers spent hours at warehouses waiting on approvals for cash or fleet check authorizations to pay lumpers and introduced this entirely digital, secure and contactless payment process to solve for this.

Today, 300,000-plus carriers and drivers use Relay to transact.