New Locus platform allows businesses to fully outsource deliveries

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Updated Mar 24, 2023

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Technology news and briefs for the week of March 19, 2023: 

Locus launches third-party delivery platform

Global last-mile logistics technology company Locus has launched a third-party delivery platform that provides businesses with the flexibility to fully outsource their deliveries to a wide range of delivery carriers. ShipFlex helps businesses expand their reach and achieve break-neck delivery speeds, enabling them to offer same-day and next-day delivery capabilities in new geographies.

Inefficient carrier selection, capacity management and lack of real-time order visibility, among other things, are some barriers that can hamper a business’s ability to make quick deliveries. Locus ShipFlex addresses these complexities by automating entire carrier workflows for the optimal price and delivering end-to-end visibility of order-to-doorstep deliveries across in-house, contracted and outsourced fleets on a single dashboard. The platform also gives businesses access to Locus’ global carrier partners, such as FedEx, RPX Logistics, Loomis Express, Shadowfax, SPL, etc., helping them with their delivery orchestration in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner. 

By deploying ShipFlex, businesses can also reach customers on demand with hyper-local delivery; maintain a branded experience with third-party carriers by sharing customizable end customer-facing tracking pages while maintaining a consistent visibility and delivery experience through 3PLs; and enhance post-purchase experience as ShipFlex allows the automation of SMS and email alerts to notify dispatch teams and customers of SLA breaches in real-time, delivering a positive customer experience.

Netradyne partners to provide Driver•i services

Netradyne, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing focusing on driver and commercial fleet safety solutions, has partnered with online training platform CarriersEdge and commercial trucking insurance provider Cover Whale Insurance Solutions Inc.

The company has integrated its vision-based fleet safety camera platform Driver•i with the CarriersEdge online training automation system, allowing Netradyne customers to automatically assign and track required CarriersEdge safety and compliance training courses based on events and behaviors captured by the Driver•i device, which aims to reinforce good driving behavior. CarriersEdge offers access to nearly 200 interactive online driver training modules through its monthly subscription package and provides management and reporting functions through its platform. 

This integration will allow fleets to better simplify training practices and improve driving behavior. Using a simple drop-down menu, administrators can create as many rules as needed, specify the type of driving behavior and set trigger thresholds and periods. It allows for cascading levels of training intervention based on the number and frequency of driver events. Rules are fleet configurable and can be changed at any time. In addition, the CarriersEdge platform documents training and coaching, which reflects the carrier’s efforts and dedication to consistently improving safety, providing proof in the case of litigation.

With intuitive driver alerts and high-performance processing, the latest Driver•i dual-facing dash cameras enable fleet management to promote safer driving, flag aggressive behavior, coach and communicate with drivers and exonerate them should accidents happen.

That's why Cover Whale will use Netradyne's advanced AI safety technology to gain insights into driver behavior, identify critical incidents on the road and deliver real-time alerts. The Netradyne platform also allows Cover Whale to coach drivers in cases of unsafe trends such as excessive speed, hard-braking and hard-turning. Drivers that follow the its Driver Safety Program’s guidance can save money on premiums, keep roads safe and get rewarded with Netradyne’s GreenZone DriverStars for proactive behavior like consecutive stops. 

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CloudTrucks introduces new version of Flex

CloudTrucks, a technology and service provider for trucking entrepreneurs, has launched a new iteration of its Flex solution called Starter.

Starter is a subscription-based business management solution that equips owner-operators and small fleets who have their own authority with all of the essential capabilities they need to run their business and more, including the ability to find and book loads, generate invoices, track finances and identify valuable markets and routes – all in one simple application. As the next evolution to Flex, Starter introduces new enhancements and even greater flexibility with access to over 130,000 new loads daily; insights on pricing with CloudTrucks’ informed estimates, pulled from millions of loads and market insights, to allow them to negotiate higher rates; fast and simple invoicing with just a few clicks after finishing a job; the Market Heatmap that allows them to determine which markets are worth entering and exiting with insights on regional rates per mile and load volumes; and modular factoring, which allows them to opt in to Instant Pay factoring at 2.5% if it suits drivers’ needs.

Starter is a mobile-first, easy-to-use application that allows drivers to either self-dispatch or manage their teams' loads and assign jobs. For teams that have administrative and dispatch support, Starter also features web parity for a seamless desktop experience.

3PL Systems users gain access to TruckLoads

Trucker Path, a mobile app for North American truckers, has integrated with BrokerWare Transportation Management Software from 3PL Systems Inc. to allow users to post loads directly on the Trucker Path TruckLoads digital freight exchange. The integration with TruckLoads instantly connects 3PL Systems broker customers with the nearly one million drivers and carriers in the Trucker Path community.

“This integration between BrokerWare TMS and TruckLoads will provide Trucker Path users instant access to more available loads and increase exposure to capacity for 3PL Systems users,” said Trucker Path Chief Marketing Officer Chris Oliver. “The ability to quickly interact on the TruckLoads digital freight exchange will streamline freight matching and help generate additional revenue for both drivers and brokers.”

Drivers using the Trucker Path load board can quickly and easily view and book loads digitally or communicate with the broker to negotiate rates or ask questions, saving time and expanding their business by more effectively meeting the capacity needs of shippers. 3PL Systems joins the growing list of Trucker Path integration partners including McLeod Software, Transport Pro and many others.

Motive expands AI dashcam capabilities 

Motive has unveiled several new AI dashcam capabilities to expand the functionality of its Driver Safety Solution to combat worsening safety conditions. The new types of safety and risk triggers added improve protection for drivers and reduce liability for customers.

New AI Dashcam capabilities from Motive include:

• Detects collisions with accuracy, providing fleet managers with real-time video visibility within minutes. Enhancements enable fleet managers to take swift action as well as provide evidence in the case of litigation.

• Identifies stop signs and detects if a driver fails to come to a complete stop. Rolling stops are frequently ticketed, and they are one of the leading causes of accidents.

• Detects and alerts drivers when they are looking downward due to eating, drinking, smoking, drowsiness, cell phone use or general inattentiveness.

• Alerts drivers when they are swerving, weaving or switching lanes at high speeds as well as adherence to the road lanes, regardless of lane type.

• Detects any camera obstruction or improper installation, whether road-facing or driver-facing, and alerts the driver and fleet manager instantly.