ConMet's new app helps drivers interpret telematics data

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Technology news and briefs for the week of April 30, 2023: 

New analytic tool evaluates cost of ownership of EVs

Fleet Advantage, an innovator in Class-8 fleet data analytics, equipment financing and life-cycle cost management is launching a new analytic tool to help define the future of transportation for corporate fleets.

The new EV Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool EVAN (Electric Vehicle Analytic Navigator) will help further identify and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) for corporate transportation fleets to determine the efficacy of utilizing electric vehicles.

As part of Fleet Advantage’s comprehensive Fleet Modernization Study, EVAN compares diesel versus an electric class 8 vehicle TCO with modeling that evaluates fuel and mileage data versus kWh comparisons from the first year through a six-year life cycle.

EVAN takes into consideration various inputs including equipment cost, charging, cost of energy, cost of diesel, grants, tires, depreciation, etc. and converts them into a cost-per-mile (CPM) to determine the total cost of operating an electric vehicle over its lifetime, allowing fleets to make an informed decision about which type of vehicle is more cost-effective for their fleet.

Uber Freight launches carrier card

Uber Freight has partnered with fintech payment platform company AtoB to expand its carrier offerings with the new Uber Freight Carrier Card.

This collaboration gives carriers financial efficiency for business operations. Fintech tools will be provided by AtoB through spend-management software directly integrated into Uber Freight’s platform.

Uber Freight Carrier Card features include:

• Nationwide acceptance: The Uber Freight Carrier Card can be used to purchase fuel at any gas station or truck stop across the U.S. that accepts Visa.

• Fuel discounts: Cardholders can receive exclusive fuel discounts at participating truck stops.

• Same-day payouts: Cardholders can earn same-day payouts on Uber Freight loads for eligible carriers.

• No hidden fees: The Uber Freight Carrier Card has no setup fees, card fees, software fees or maintenance fees.

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• Build business credit: Cardholders’ payment histories will be shared with Experian to help build credit scores.

ConMet releases driver app for telematics

OEM supplier ConMet has released a new app as part of its telematics portfolio of solutions, giving drivers access to real-time telematics data so they can react quickly to abnormal component health and allowing fleets faster decision making.

Data-science driven algorithms that produce vehicle health insights allow drivers and fleet service teams to detect potential problems early so they can take action to avoid exponential costs that can pile up if repair needs are ignored.

The ConMet Digital Driver app helps think through what the information means and the best actions to take. As part of the ConMet Digital integrated system, the app works with the online dashboard to create a fleet-wide experience. Maintenance and service teams see warnings at the same time as the driver so they can work together to accomplish the same goal. Drivers can be proactive about alerts and communicate with the service team.

The app provides a 360-degree experience through easy asset selection, pre-trip inspection and real-time, in-cab alerts during the trip. Before the trip begins, the app pre-trip view provides highly accurate asset status across all installed sensors, including things like tire PSI so drivers can act on any anomalies beforehand, saving time by avoiding unnecessary stops.

Driver Enterprise Solution joins Geotab Marketplace

Geotab Marketplace, an ecosystem of transportation applications and add-ons, has added AI-based mobility tech company Driver Technologies’ Driver Enterprise Solution, which helps small fleets increase driver safety and reduce equipment costs and installation times of new technology.

The Driver Enterprise Solution provides customers with premium access to its dash cam app and its mobility safety features equipped with machine learning to provide real-time, in-vehicle audible alerts that keep drivers safe.

Through the integration with Geotab, fleet managers can easily access their driver's dash cam videos in the Driver Cloud on the MyGeotab platform. In addition to the Driver Enterprise Solution, customers also receive a driver cooler mount and driver's dash cam mount to make sure their work devices stay cool and have a good view of the road.