VisionTrack integrates Applied Driving's online web application

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Technology news and briefs for the week of June 4, 2023: 

VisionTrack integrates Applied Driving's Riskmapp

VisionTrack, a provider of AI video telematics and connected vehicle data, has teamed up with Applied Driving, a driver safety and performance management solutions specialist, to develop a video-enabled safe driving solution. The companies will bring together the benefits of automated risk reduction, 360-degree vision and cloud-based video analysis.

Under the partnership, Applied Driving's online web application, Riskmapp, will be integrated with VisionTrack’s IoT platform. This will enable fleets to optimize driver engagement and coaching through the provision of targeted training that is supported with relevant video and data insight. The solution will be able to utilize footage from around the vehicle, captured by forward-, driver-, side- and rear-facing cameras, including a growing range of AI devices.

Footage of collisions and near misses will be uploaded to Riskmapp having been assessed and verified by VisionTrack’s AI-powered post-analysis tool, NARA. It will be available for review by both Applied Driving and the fleet customer, as well as shared with the driver as part of Applied Driving’s Triggered TrainingTM functionality within its Companion+ solution. Video and supporting data will also be used where additional coaching and engagement is required, using real-life examples to encourage safer driving habits.

ACERTUS rolls out AI-powered load recs

ACERTUS, an automotive logistics-as-a-service platform, has launched AI-powered load recommendations. This latest enhancement helps carriers find freight quickly so they can reduce downtime and continue earning.

Powered by machine learning models, ACERTUS’ proprietary load board delivers personalized freight recommendations as well as location-based back haul and next haul load suggestions to drive operational efficiency, reduce manual searches and increase load acceptance. The system leverages thousands of data points derived from historical and daily moves to detect patterns, location, load size and destination and recommend the best load available. ACERTUS leverages proprietary and third-party algorithms to power this enhancement.

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Along with the integration of load recommendations into the ACERTUS platform, the company said it will continue to expand AI into its other products and uses, including pricing optimization and more.

CLI's newest feature removes language barriers

LTL freight management software provider Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) has added a new feature to its FACTS Dock Management System to help break down language barriers that can hamper productivity and efficiency of LTL dock operations.

The new multi-language feature gives customers an automatic translation capability that supports English, Spanish, French as well as other languages. The new feature offers faster translation without the need for a human interpreter. For example, supervisors and dock workers can enter instructions regarding load, equipment, door and shipment details into the system; the solution then automatically and instantly translates the information and presents it in each person’s chosen native language.

Eleos platform adds PrePass services

PrePass weigh station bypass services are now available in the Eleos platform. Custom mobile driver app provider Eleos Technologies has partnered with PrePass Safety Alliance to give Eleos customers seamless access to PrePass services, including weigh station bypass and critical driver safety alerts.

This integration helps fleet customers increase their drivers’ satisfaction by reducing stops at weigh stations through their custom mobile driver apps, which were developed on the Eleos platform.

Eleos and PrePass development teams worked together to build their integration using the OpenCab standard. OpenCab, an app-to-app communication protocol, enables devices like ELDs, sensors and cameras to work seamlessly with each other without the burden of integrating and maintaining vendor SDKs.

CalAmp users gain access to TripVision

Noregon’s remote diagnostic application, TripVision, is now available to any fleet equipped with CalAmp’s telematics hardware, bringing remote diagnostic capabilities to thousands of fleets.

TripVision is a remote diagnostic application for commercial trucks that uses a user-friendly approach to providing real-time insights about the health, safety and performance status of all fleet vehicles. It allows fleets of all sizes to monitor vehicles and set configurable alerts when issues arise. Offering coverage for all makes, models and components, TripVision’s holistic diagnostic approach provides visibility into the vehicle’s overall state, making it simple to monitor engines, aftertreatment, ADAS and more from a single application.

CalAmp provides telematics solutions, edge computing technology and hardware. Fleets that partner with a telematics company that uses CalAmp devices connected to a Class 6 vehicle or higher can now activate TripVision with no additional vehicle installations or hardware needed.

HCSS now offers dash cams

Construction software provider HCSS has rolled out new dash cameras to help drivers avoid accidents and exonerate them in the event one does occur as well as potentially help lower insurance costs.

The HCSS ADPlus Fleet Dashcam integrates with the HCSS Telematics system, which captured four million harsh driving events in 2022. The plug-and-play dash camera has a built-in AI processor that detects driving events like forward collision and improper driver behavior such as using mobile phone usage and distracted driving. It will alert the driver in real time of potentially unsafe behaviors and upload events to HCSS Telematics to be reviewed by a fleet manager. Dashcams can also be used to verify complaints from the public regarding a driver’s behavior, providing the proof companies need to reduce false claims with recorded footage.

HCSS ADPlus Dashcam Features include road- and cab-facing cameras; plug-and-play installation; built-in AI event detection; harsh driving detection with 6-axis g-sensor; real-time in-cab coaching; dual SD card storage with dual-stream recording (HD and SD recording); live-view support; and ultra-low power sleep mode (<0.1W).