Advancing small fleet-focused freight tech solutions

needle in a haystack

When advancing or establishing smart technology and user-friendly solutions, the goals is to save people from the "needle in a haystack" experience. If you’ve developed the right solution, the needle is easily differentiated from the haystack. Tailoring freight solutions specifically for small trucking businesses allows for the optimization of operations, enhanced customer satisfaction and faster growth. After decades of working in the SaaS product management field, a few key factors have revealed themselves to be indisputable. Among them is one common trend: people want a solution that can do it all.

For example, home entertainment has come a long way since 1999. Back then, households built their home entertainment system from several different devices; TV's, stereos, VCRs, DVD players, and gaming consoles each serving its own purpose. Fast forward to the present day - developers have found a way to combine all these features into one magnificent system - the all-in-one convenience we now know as Smart TVs. Similarly, when it comes to freight tech solutions for small fleets, the aim is to create a seamless combination of smart technology and user-friendly features.

Having one consolidated place to manage everything can make or break a business, while innovative tools enable significant improvements in day-to-day operations. These solutions provide real-time visibility into a fleet’s activity and performance, allowing for better payment processes, optimized planning, and informed decisions on the go. They help automate tedious administrative tasks, such as paperwork and invoicing, freeing up more time to deliver exceptional service to their customers. This article will explore three solutions developed for small fleet owners and the purpose behind them. 

Consider investing in three key tech solutions.

Proper payroll

The lack of options for efficient payroll management has been a significant pain point expressed by many small trucking businesses. The current landscape often leaves them grappling with complex and time-consuming payroll processes, which can lead to errors, increased operational overhead, and even unsatisfied employees. You can see how this challenge not only affects the trucking business owners but also impacts the drivers who rely on timely and accurate compensation for their hard work.

Developing a better solution that addresses this issue is crucial for small fleet owners. Incorporating a user-friendly payroll reporting tool specifically designed for truckers can alleviate the burden of manual payroll management. This tool simplifies the process of tracking and reporting payroll events across drivers, dispatchers and even investors. With intuitive interfaces and automated calculations, small trucking owners can efficiently generate accurate payroll reports, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.

Smart fuel card

Rising fuel prices and inefficient fuel management can eat into the bottom line, making it imperative for small fleet owners to have a freight solution that offers a smart fuel card option. This feature provides fleet managers with real-time reporting on fuel usage, empowering them to monitor and control fuel expenditures effectively.

With a smart fuel card, small trucking businesses gain competitive discounts, an in-app gas station finder and automated data sync to payroll. It empowers dispatchers to optimize fuel costs and provides drivers with immediate payroll transparency. Fleet managers can track fuel purchases and detect any discrepancies or irregularities, ensuring transparency and minimizing the risk of financial loss. Ensuring accountability and visibility creates a culture of responsible fuel management within the organization.

Fleet management solutions

To address the most common pain points experienced by the trucking industry, smart fleet management solutions were designed to provide a way to revolutionize operations. These systems offer a wide array of benefits that make them a worthy investment for trucking businesses of all sizes. A comprehensive freight solution should indeed include a robust fleet management component, as it plays a crucial role in business operations. 

Tasks such as dispatching, routing, and tracking are automated to save valuable time and resources. With real-time visibility into the fleet's activities, managers can make informed decisions and respond promptly to any changes or disruptions, ensuring smooth functionality. The time and resources saved through automation and streamlined processes quickly offset the initial investment. Confidently embracing a smart fleet management system can be a turning point for a business owner.

What to look for in small fleet focused solutions

Combining a proper payroll reporting tool for truckers, a smart fuel card option, and a comprehensive fleet management solution empowers small trucking business owners to optimize their operations. These features eliminate manual processes, enhance cost control, and improve overall efficiency. By embracing technology and tailored solutions, small trucking businesses can thrive in a competitive industry and focus on their core goals—delivering reliable, timely, and cost-effective transportation services.

Product developers in the realm of small fleet-focused freight technology are eagerly looking forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. With each inception of a new solution, they strive to push the boundaries and develop innovative tools that will move the industry into the new era. Their ultimate goal is to empower small trucking businesses with efficient and user-friendly systems that save valuable time and resources. With the promise of even greater efficiency on the horizon, small trucking business owners can look forward to a future where their precious time is reclaimed, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Kiel Cook is the Senior Product Manager at SmartHop, a trucking-tech company focused on using artificial intelligence to equip fleets with insights and recommendations to make better business decisions that will lead to healthier businesses. Launched in 2020, SmartHop is a global remote company with headquarters in Miami.