Riptide's AI assistant connects all parties in a delivery

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Technology news and briefs for the week of July 30, 2023: 

Technology Shorts

MileMaker launches new API with advanced features

Commercial transportation routing and mileage software MileMaker has launched a new addition to its web services product line with an advanced set of features, including enhanced route optimization, traffic-influenced routing, hazmat routing, accurate address geocoding and search, and comprehensive mapping functionalities. This integration empowers organizations to streamline their logistics operations, improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and ensure timely and reliable deliveries.

MileMaker API Version 2, available for integration with any third-party application, features the addition of Guide 20, a new mapping guide that seamlessly combines MileMaker's industry-leading mileage and rating services with enhanced commercial truck routing and search capabilities.

Version 2 users can access a multitude of features for planning efficient and precise shipping routes, including traffic-influenced routing to provide more accurate pick-up and delivery times. In addition, users can access truck-specific mileage calculations to negotiate and streamline freight rates, payments and audits, as well as better forecast freight costs and fuel surcharges.

Flock Freight spot rates available to OTM customers

Shippers can now access freight shipping company Flock Freight’s FlockDirect spot rates through its latest API integration directly on the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) native platform.

FlockDirect uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently pool diverse-sized freight and move shippers’ goods along direct, terminal-free routes, delivering lower costs while providing more secure delivery with minimal damage.

By allowing Flock and Oracle’s platforms to communicate in near real-time via an API connection, the Oracle OTM integration enables shippers to get instant spot rates on FlockDirect tailored to their freight size without leaving OTM’s interface. It also streamlines workflows by tendering orders without visiting multiple platforms, manually calling or emailing, or waiting to hear back on a quote. Users can also gain better control, flexibility and holistic visibility over their operation by accessing more service options and managing it all from one place. Flock Freight claims that the integration also reduces CO2e emissions by up to 40% each time freight is pooled with STL.

PCS connects shippers, carriers with new network

AI-powered transportation management platform PCS Software has launched a new network designed to foster direct connections between big-brand shippers and carriers.

FreightNet, a dynamic and free-to-use network, allows high-quality carriers to register and share their preferred lanes and assets. Carriers that meet PCS quality standards will be visible to its shipper clientele, enabling carriers to maximize exposure with shippers, connect with leading brands and build more profitable relationships.

PCS shipper customers can leverage the ability to connect with quality carriers within their TMS or register their private fleet to gain visibility into backhaul opportunities and reduce empty miles. Direct access to quality carriers eliminates confusion and enables more effective partnerships.

Platform Science ecosystem adds Uptake

Platform Science's Virtual Vehicle platform, which offers workflow, navigation, telematics and a range of other solutions, is adding Uptake's predictive analytics to the safety and maintenance category of its growing ecosystem of third-party applications.

Fleets using Uptake via the Virtual Vehicle platform will be equipped with real-time and historical data to better inform maintenance strategies and predict vehicle needs. These insights can be leveraged to maximize mechanics' time, improve labor effectiveness and streamline operations. Users will also get improved visibility into the condition of their vehicles.

The end result will be as much as a 20% reduction in downtime and impactful maintenance operations for optimal fleet performance.

This integration allows fleets to transition from calendar-based preventive maintenance schedules to a dynamic predictive maintenance strategy, enabling them to save on repair costs by an average of 12% and minimize delays by helping them prevent unplanned roadside breakdowns and catastrophic failures.

Riptide unveils new AI-driven assistant

Three-way text messaging platform Riptide has unveiled its new app-less and AI-driven assistant.

Leveraging Riptide’s more than six million conversations and OpenAI’s GPT-4, Delivery Copilot brings together all parties in a delivery – customer, driver, dispatcher, shipper, warehouse and others – in a single conversation over SMS text and orchestrates the conversations at scale, harnessing the power of generative AI to act as a conversation catalyst, knowing when to respond, who should respond and how to respond as unforeseen situations arise during the course of the delivery.

Project44 research shows that 98% of consumers say shipping greatly impacts brand loyalty with 84% reporting that they are unlikely to return after just one negative experience. The patent-pending technology leverages the ability of large language models like GPT-4 to understand the full range of human scenarios to resolve issues in real time, fitting into Riptide’s larger mission to improve customer loyalty and reduce operational costs.