Netradyne unveils Driveri One all-in-one fleet management and safety tech platform

Barrett Young
Netradyne's Barrett Young introduces the company's Driveri One solution during a press conference at the 2023 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition.

In Netradyne’s biggest product launch since its original flagship Driveri video safety system seven years ago, the company has introduced the Driveri One, a complete fleet management tool that makes Netradyne the newest full telematics solution and electronic logging device provider. Netradyne, Monday at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas, said the differentiator for its “one solution to replace them all” is that everything is integrated into a single piece of hardware.

“The current set of multiple devices and dashboards add unnecessary complexity to an already very complex job,” said Barrett Young, Netradyne’s chief marketing officer. “Most fleets have an ELD device, hub device, camera device … the cab and the vehicle really are becoming crowded. What we've done is take all of the data being collected from the vehicle and process it just like a normal ELD would, all on our Driveri device. Our camera unit now is also an ELD and a hub.”

Driveri One combines its fleet safety solution with Geotab applications for fleet management by leveraging Geotab APIs and embedding key elements of the user interface into the Netradyne safety platform in a single-pane-of-glass user experience.

Netradyne says Driveri One allows customers to configure the solution for what best fits their needs.

“They can take safety and pair with any combination of other non-safety applications,” Young said. “Customers can choose just safety if that's what they want, or it can be safety and compliance, or the entire product suite altogether. With an integrated view, fleets have complete context in making better business decisions and key insights to help coach and keep drivers safe on the road.”

Netradyne calls out four key highlights of the new Driveri One all-in-one solution:

  • Safety: The Driveri AI-powered fleet camera system with automated, AI-powered coaching, risk identification and exoneration.
  • Fleet Tracking: The Driveri One solution offers fleet tracking capabilities for enhanced visibility and optimization across fleets with visibility into trips and activity. Near-real-time GPS tracking allows customers to select areas on the map to create zones that trigger notifications when a vehicle enters and leaves the location. An advanced rules engine can be leveraged to manage and automate workflows. Routing reports gleaned from fleet tracking can be used to coach drivers to be more efficient, and trip history reviews can provide insight into distance traveled, idling time and stop duration within the past six months. 
  • Fleet Management: Driveri’s near-real-time collection of vehicle data allows for fuel usage tracking, identifying and addressing maintenance issues before they impact performance, and improved route optimization, among other benefits. 
  • Compliance: Powered by Driveri One and supported by Geotab’s compliance features, fleets can avoid violations and fines, reduce paperwork while increasing accuracy, ease drivers’ ability to manage hours-of-service and driver vehicle inspection reports and streamline International Fuel Tax Agreement mandates with simple mileage report generation.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers and the greater industry a fundamentally different way to streamline and optimize fleet management technology during a time when efficiency and cost savings could not be more important,” Young said.