A truck and trailer diagnostics platform for fleet operators, a new smart shipping label and more

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In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, we’ll take a look at a new smart shipping label and a new digital wallet for truckers, an integration of truck and trailer diagnostics platforms and more. 

Contents of this video

00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:24 Bluetooth shipping labels 

01:20 Diagnostic and repair solutions 

02:14 Dashcams with AI safety alerts 

02:59 24/7 digital wallet


00:00 In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, we’ll take a look at a new smart shipping label and a new digital wallet for truckers, an integration of truck and trailer diagnostics platforms and more.

00:24 Reelables, a provider of wireless smart labels for the logistics industry, has rolled out a new active Bluetooth shipping label.

Following the 2019 launch of its original Bluetooth label, the company has now introduced the new 4-inch by 8-inch label that allows logistics providers, cargo forwarders, manufacturers and retailers to print their regular shipping labels that are now automatically integrated with Bluetooth tracking so they can easily trace cargo through the supply chain without any extra software integration or need to match shipments to tracking devices. The tracking reference is extracted and linked in the Cloud to the physical label. The labels actively track when cargo arrives and departs from a facility, what exact cargo is on a truck, and when individual pieces of a consignment or shipment split from each other, giving customers real-time visibility at a piece level throughout the supply chain without changing their workflow.

01:20 Phillips Connect has partnered with Noregon, a provider of diagnostic and repair solutions for commercial vehicles. The collaboration integrates Phillips Connect’s Connect1 data, including location, odometer readings, brake diagnostics and the overall health status of trailers, into Noregon’s TripVision Remote Diagnostics system, allowing fleet operators to monitor both their tractors and trailers in one place.

This integration offers a more comprehensive understanding of vehicle health with enhanced information on ABS and brake faults, among other critical diagnostics, providing fleet operators with actionable insights. The aim is to significantly improve the maintenance and operational efficiency of fleets, ensuring vehicles are not just monitored but maintained with the most up-to-date information available, enabling fleets to respond to vehicle issues in real time.

02:14 AI-based mobility tech company Driver Technologies Inc. has integrated its DriverPro system on the Jamf Marketplace, which has over 100,000 members.

This integration allows Jamf users, including those in the heavy-duty commercial segment, to implement the Driver app onto their employees’ managed smartphone devices, transforming them into external- and internal-facing dashcams with AI safety alerts to add an additional layer of improving driving behavior.

The Driver app automatically detects when an employee starts to drive and collects location, speed, g-force, weather and telematics events. This data is then uploaded to the Driver Cloud, providing full coverage of the fleet to track vehicles in real time and view aggregated driving behavior analytics.

02:59 Triumph Financial, which operates TriumphPay, the carrier payments platform for the transportation industry, has launched a new application developed for truckers that gives them access to funds even during non-bank hours.

The 24/7 digital wallet application called LoadPay has been initially tailored to the needs of small trucking companies that operate 24/7, are thinly capitalized, and generally have immediate needs for cash to pay for expenses like fuel, insurance and maintenance, among other things. The ability to fund these trucking companies has historically been constrained by fed-mandated cutoffs for ACH and wires, which do not clear at night or on weekends or holidays.

This follows Triumph Financial’s 2023 acquisition of its competitor Truckstop Pay in which Triumph also acquired the rights to the LoadPay name.