Mack provides “Complete Mack Brand Experience” at new Customer Center

Updated Nov 2, 2010

In a move designed to bring the company closer than ever to the customers who use its trucks and the dealers that sell them, Mack Trucks this week officially opened the doors to a new Customer Center during the company’s World Sales Conference. The new Customer Center is a 159,000-square-foot facility on 65 acres that was formerly the company’s engineering, design and test center. The revamped and rededicated facility is now designed to provide the ultimate Mack experience for truck dealers and customers. It is located just 20 minutes from Mack’s production facility in Macungie, PA.

The Mack Customer Center includes a product showroom, a Mack Heritage an 18,000-square-foot modification center and a two-lane, .73 mile oval track, allowing customers to put their vehicles to the test in a wide array of conditions that emulate real-world driving experiences. To that end, the track has multiple grades, on- and off-road durability courses and a skid pad. Inside the main building, customers can relax, meet and work in a comfortable reception area or at the “Bulldog Café.” The new facility also houses the Mack Museum and Heritage Center, which will open to the public beginning November 1, 2010 and features an impressive array of historically significant Mack vehicles from the past 110 years — including the ninth Mack chassis ever built, in 1901 — an open-air bus that eventually logged over 1 million miles during its active service life.

The core mission of the new Customer Center, however, will be education. Mack will use the facility to educate both dealers and customers on a wide array of Mack-specific topics. “To our way of thinking, this Center will be a complete Mack brand experience,” says Kevin Flaherty, senior vice president of sales for Mack. “It will be a tool to enhance the Mack sales and ownership experience through training and product demonstrations. When the economy tanked in 2008, Mack didn’t walk away: Instead, we invested in our Mack Pinnacle At Ntdccustomers, and this facility is proof of that.”