Double Coin unveils fuel-efficient super wide tire

Updated Nov 11, 2011


Double Coin’s new FT125 super wide low rolling resistance trailer position tire is the fourth addition to the EPA SmartWay Verified Technology fuel efficient line which includes the FR605, FD405, and the FT105. “Once again, with the introduction of the FT125 and the soon to follow FD425 super wide drive position tire, Double Coin leads the way in innovation and development of environmentally-friendly products,” said Aaron Murphy, Vice President of CMA. The new FT125 is engineered with an advanced tread compound and a low profile design to maximize the durability while providing optimal fuel savings. “With the position that fuel economy and lower rolling resistance products take in today’s progressive transportation industry, we are excited that Double Coin now manufactures super wide products that are continually requested by North America’s original equipment manufacturers, transportation fleets and government agencies.”

Designed from the inception of Double Coin’s Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineered science, the FT125 is now available in a 445/50R22.5 size and has a maximum carrying capacity of 10,300 lbs (Load Index 161). It boasts a low rolling resistance rib style tread design with an original tread depth of 16/32nds.