Watch: More driving and details on Peterbilt's new Model 579

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Updated Aug 2, 2022

CCJ Chief Editor Jason Cannon recently took Peterbilt's retooled Model 579 around North-Central Texas. The black and chrome EPIQ was as much old school throwback as it was a demonstration of modern technology and freight efficiency. 

If you missed Jason's test drive recap, you can find that here. 

On the power side, the refreshed 579 gets an MX-13 engine that's 2% more fuel efficient than it's predecessor, while the MX-11 will see a 2.5% bump. Overall, the rig boasts a 7% fuel economy improvement over prior generation models, giving the new Model 579 the crown as the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Peterbilt model built to date. 

The truck appears noticeably more narrow, the hood is lower, and the aerodynamic mirrors are a bit shorter when compared to the prior model. Standard halogen headlamps have been improved, and heated LED headlights are available.

In the video above, Jason spends some time getting the walk-around details from Peterbilt Marketing Director Jorge Medina before striking out on the open road.