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Two major fleets boost driver pay

CRST Expedited truck

CRST Expedited is giving its new contract student drivers a 15 percent pay increase, while Dart Transit is boosting pay for some owner-operators by up to an additional 4 cents per mile.

Two of the country’s largest trucking companies recently announced pay increases for some of their truck drivers.

CRST Expedited, part of CRST International (No. 13 on the CCJ Top 250), announced last week it is boosting pay for new contract student drivers by 15 percent. To qualify for the pay increase, these drivers must receive their commercial driver’s license training through the company’s training program.

CRST offers on-campus lodging, classrooms, meals and entertainment. Additionally, the company offers safety training to its drivers at no cost.

Additionally, Dart Transit (No. 58) is giving some owner-operators that live along major freight lanes and growing markets up to an additional 4 cents per mile. The company says experienced owner-operators have the potential to earn up to $156,000 a year.

Dart also has sign-on bonuses and truck lease-purchase options for owner-operators.


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