The 10-44's greatest hits of 2021

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Updated Dec 28, 2021

CCJ's weekly webisode, the 10-44, celebrated its first full year in 2021. 

Each week – in partnership with our sponsor, Chevron Lubricants – co-hosts Jason Cannon and Matt Cole bring readers, listeners and watchers news and updates from around the tucking industry in a conversational, informal, yet informative format.

Below are Jason and Matt's Top 10 episodes of the year. 

Your engine may be trying to tell you something, and you better start listening

I think most fleets know the importance of oil sampling and its benefits, but there's still some hesitancy for a variety of reasons; the added time and another dataset for fleet managers to look at and worry over being just a couple.  – Jason 

How has the CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse affected fleets?

While the Clearinghouse didn't change any of the rules regarding drug and alcohol use for drivers, it did add a layer of accountability that didn't exist before. With marijuana laws rapidly changing across the country, here's an interesting perspective on what might be on the horizon for truck drivers. – Matt

When an autonomous truck crashes, who’s liable?

This question has crossed all our minds more than once: "What happens when a truck that doesn't have anyone inside hits something, or is hit by something else? Whose fault is it?" – Jason 

What a new Texas law means for lawsuits against fleets

Nuclear verdicts are always a hot topic in trucking. A law passed in Texas this summer added a layer of protection for motor carriers in post-crash litigation. – Matt

What does the color of your truck say about you?

Truck color is as much about marketing as it is style, but this was a fun look at color trends and what color says about the person sitting behind the wheel. – Jason 

Electric trucks are here. What does the future hold in electric power?

The writing is on the wall that electric trucks are going to be a big part of the future of trucking. But what exactly is that going to look like as time goes on? – Matt

What’s it like to drive a truck that can drive itself?

I want to be Ruben Cardenas when I grow up. Not only is Ruben one of the coolest guys I've met in a long time, he's got a pretty cool job. – Jason 

Diesel prices skyrocketed through the fall – will that trend continue into 2022?

Fuel prices increased throughout the year in 2021, leading to prices that haven't been seen in more than seven years. What are the chances fleets get a reprieve in the new year? – Matt

The rise, the fall and the rebirth of Stuckey’s

You can't have grown up in the South and not know what Stuckey's is (or was). This might be my favorite interview of 2021. Stephanie's enthusiasm for her company practically pours out of this video and she is absolutely the kind of person you want to pull for and see succeed. – Jason 

Inspiring the next generation of logistics workers with Legos

With worker shortages all through the logistics industry, why not take a shot at getting kids' attention with a toy warehouse? – Matt