How insurance companies are approaching under-21 pilot program

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Updated Apr 5, 2022

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot program that will allow under-21 truck drivers for participating trucking companies to cross state lines is currently in the development phase, but it's already drawn attention from both inside and outside of trucking.

Aside from the safety argument some groups have made about the prospects of younger CDL holders crossing state lines, there are also likely to be implications on the insurance side of the business for participating carriers. With already sky-high insurance rates for many fleets, bundling coverage for younger and inexperienced drivers isn't likely to help.

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with Shuie Yankelewitz with the Central Analysis Bureau (CAB), who shares what he learned from some of CAB's insurance company customers about how they will approach under-21 interstate drivers. With the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot being a pilot program, therefore with unproven safety results, trucking companies that want to participate in the program may have difficulty getting their apprenticeship drivers insured.

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