Pacer CEO Uremovich steps down, succeeded by Avramovich

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Updated Jan 21, 2010

Pacer International, an asset-light North American freight transportation and logistics services provider, announced Tuesday, Dec. 15, that its chairman and chief executive officer, Michael E. Uremovich, had retired effective as of the close of business, and that Daniel W. Avramovich would succeed him as CEO and be appointed as a director and chairman of the board of directors.

Avramovich has served as Pacer’s chief operating officer since June, with day-to-day leadership of Pacer’s retail and wholesale intermodal service units, as well as the highway brokerage, supply chain and warehousing service units. He joined the Concord, Calif.based company in June 2008 as retail intermodal services president.

“Dan Avramovich has not only proven to be an effective leader for Pacer, he has a clear vision and plan for Pacer’s future that has been embraced by our board of directors and leadership team,” Uremovich says. “He brings a breadth of experience as an executive of logistics, rail and intermodal transportation companies, as well as skills in building value-added relationships with customers and vendors, and cohesiveness within our organization. He is a solid choice to lead our senior management team and our company into the future.”

Avramovich says that under Uremovich, Pacer has made continuous progress on its four strategic initiatives, culminating in 2009 with the simplification and streamlining of its organization, the sale of assets of a nonstrategic business unit, and the renegotiation of its arrangements with Union Pacific.

“We thank him for his service to Pacer,” Avramovich says. “I look forward to leading Pacer into the next decade. We are committed to continuing the integration of our door-to-door transportation services, while providing our customers with superior levels of service and access to one of the largest intermodal equipment fleets in our industry.”