GE TIP offers trailer tracking

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GE TIP has released GE VeriWise, an asset tracking system to locate tethered and untethered trailers anywhere in North America. The system uses a dual satellite network, which allows fleets to locate trailers outside of the U.S. borders as well as in “urban canyons,” the company says. The system is available commercially to any fleet whether or not it leases trailers from TIP.

GE VeriWise consists of a durable transceiver and battery pack mounted together in the trailer nose behind a plywood panel, and a low profile antenna, which is placed on the upper right front panel below the rail. Installation of GE VeriWise components can be performed at customer sites or at a local TIP facility.

GE VeriWise features a four-year battery that can operate untethered for 120 days. It recharges when the trailer is tethered to a tractor or can be hooked up to a mobile charging unit. Trailer location notifications are set to occur automatically at regular intervals or also can be initiated by polling, or electronically contacting, the trailer.
Customers can access trailer fleet information and export data by logging on to their account at, the company says.

At launch, GE VeriWise offers only location information, but the company will be rolling out various sensors in the coming months.