Computerized SuperBench measures flow

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SuperFlow Technologies Group has designed a computerized flowbench for engineers developing everything from intake and exhaust systems to high-performance two-cycle and four-cycle engines.

The computer-controlled SF-1020-SB “SuperBench” – which SuperFlow calls its most advanced flowbench – can be switched from cubic feet per minute (cfm) to pressure-test controls. Tests can be run between 3-1,100 cfm (1.4-519 l/s) or 0-70 inches (0-175 cm) of water. The bench is engineered to be bidirectional and to switch easily from intake or exhaust flow direction.

The SF-1020-SB measures and records airflow at OEM-engineering accuracy, according to SuperFlow. “New generation” electronics and an easy-to-use color LCD touchpad interface ensure fast, accurate digital airflow measurement and control, the company says.

SuperFlow says the 1020-SB measures pressure and temperature, handles all corrections and displays digital readouts for corrected flow, test pressure and velocity probe in both U.S. and metric units. New, automated test profiles are designed to simplify testing and perform SAE dust saturation testing. The 1020-SB also has provisions for digital and analog input/output controls for accessories like valve actuators or dust feeders.

According to the company, Windows-based WinDyn software automatically sends flow data through a LAN connection to a PC: This enables users to view flow data graphically; record, store and print; and retrieve old tests to overlay and compare with current ones.

A variable flow orifice can adjust 10 flow ranges between 25 and 1,000 cfm, based on LCD touchpad input, to fit valve size or lift; in the proper range, flow can be read within 0.25 percent. The variable flow range is engineered to increase resolution of flow measurement as compared to single-range systems, with detectable changes of 0.5 percent.

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