FedEx Express recognized for using hybrid trucks

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FedEx Express was among the winners of the 2005 Blue Sky Awards, which recognize the work of large and small companies for their marketplace contributions to clean air, energy efficiency and the transportation industry overall.

The Blue Sky Awards were presented Thursday, Dec. 1 by Calstart, the California operating division of WestStart-Calstart, an advanced transportation technologies consortium.

FedEx Express won the award jointly with Environmental Defense, a national nonprofit organization, for “their nearly single-handed placement of commercial hybrid trucks on the map for corporate America,” says John Bossel, president and chief executive officer of Calstart. The joint effort led the commercial truck market’s interest and efforts into the hybrid market, Bossel says.

The selection committee for the awards concluded that “other fleet operators were influenced by one of the nation’s most respected and sophisticated truck operators showing strong interest in hybrids,” which in turn motivated those fleets to embrace the technologies themselves, Bossel says. “FedEx has helped shape change in commercial trucks.”