Tenstreet develops online driver application with signature

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Updated Dec 12, 2019

Tenstreet has introduced a Web-based employment application for driver applicants called IntelliApp, which is designed to guide applicants through the application process, prompting the applicant to supply missing employers or explanations for gaps in employment. The application allows the applicant to sign the application using the computer mouse or other input device, as well as an applicant disclosure and release. A separate drug and alcohol release is generated for each employer of the past three years, and the applicant may affix his signature to these documents for DOT-compliant background checks.

IntelliApp is accessed by driver applicants on the motor carrier’s own website, replacing the carrier’s current application if one exists; the carrier’s logo and color scheme – as well as specific benefits, qualification standards and other requirements – are integrated. The applicant signs the motor carrier’s own company release, not a generic release; and an applicant tracking system allows recruiters to access applicant data and releases via the Web, make notes and track applicants through the hiring process.

“Truckload carriers that have an application on their website know how valuable these applications are in comparison to others,” says Craig Johnson, chief executive officer of Tulsa, Okla.-based Tenstreet. “By making it easy and intuitive for the applicant, we address the quantity of applications. By maximizing the accuracy and completeness – and including signatures for the application and releases – we address the quality of applications recruiters may work.”

For more information, call go to www.tenstreet.com.