Want to remove truck graphics fast and easy? Try Vinyl-Off 10-4

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West End Products says it designed Vinyl-Off 10-4 as a one-step vinyl and adhesive remover for vinyl graphics from fleet trucks, glass and coroplast, among other surfaces. Just wipe it on, wait a few minutes, and slowly peel off the vinyl — and the adhesive — in one step, according to the company.

The product is environmentally safe and biodegradable, and also is nonflammable and water-soluble, West End says; it doesn’t “outgas” hydrocarbons even when direct heat is applied, making it safe to use indoors.

Vinyl-Off migrates through the vinyl and attacks the adhesion to the substrate, according to the company; as it migrates through, it revitalizes the vinyl, making it more supple and able to be pulled off in large pieces instead of small scraps, making vinyl and adhesive removal much faster and easier, and making clean-up a snap.

One gallon covers about 1,500 square feet of vinyl. For more information, go to www.vinyloff.com.