Need an odd-shaped automotive hose fast? Unicoil can help

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The manufacturer of Unicoil – sold under the Unicoil brand by Gates Corp. and under the EZ-Coil brand by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. – describes the product as a universal alternative to premolded automotive hoses. Unicoil says its proprietary design allows users to bend ordinary, straight hoses into any shape for a custom fit for any vehicle.

According to the company, the stainless-steel product can be slid down a length of hose to wherever a bend is needed, and by using nothing more than hand pressure, the hose can be shaped exactly as required – up to 90 degrees – without kinking. The Unicoil is available in a range of sizes – from one-fourth of an inch to one inch in diameter – and can work with most standard hoses, including water, air, emissions and oil hoses, the company says.

The product is designed to allow coverage of a wider range of makes and models with minimal inventory; also, the need for consumers to wait lengthy periods while the pre-shaped part is researched and located is eliminated.

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