TransCore expands GlobalWave portfolio

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TransCore on Monday, Oct. 6, introduced a series of new features to its line of GlobalWave satellite products and services for in-cab communications and trailer tracking: the Slap & Track mobile terminal with field replaceable battery packs; the addition of a stop-start sensor to all GlobalWave mobile terminals; and the enhanced CabLink system, with Windows-ready notebook PC, integrated Google maps and optional electronic driver logs.

Trailer tracking

  • Replaceable battery packs: TransCore’s 100 percent satellite communications Slap & Track mobile terminals now are available with field replaceable battery packs that come in various sizes, enabling a fleet to select the appropriate battery for their service needs.
    TransCore says its replaceable battery pack can be serviced in the field without jeopardizing the electronic components, thus protecting the unit and facilitating easy maintenance. TransCore says this feature also compliments its efficient power management technology, which allows a single pack to provide up to six years of service.
  • The low-profile (about 0.8 inches) Slap & Track device, using two-way satellite communications, sends reports and receives commands, and can be interrogated on demand, thus providing the trailer location and status when the trucking company needs to know. The location accuracy provided by GlobalWave’s integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and the ability to change reporting characteristics “over the air” provides customers with control over their fleets, according to the company; use of the Slap & Track mobile terminal can reduce trailer-to-tractor ratio, prevent and reduce cargo theft, help recover misplaced or stolen equipment quickly, and reduce insurance costs.

  • Stop-start sensor: The new stop-start sensor provides important trailer status information. In addition to knowing if the trailer is parked or moving, users can select different location reporting intervals based on trailer motion. This information — combined with TransCore’s geofencing capabilities, which creates invisible fences around key locations as defined by customers — helps provide comprehensive trailer visibility to fleet managers.
  • By creating alerts only when desired and/or only when the asset moves versus other motion sensors’ preset communication intervals, fleets can reduce monthly airtime costs and use battery power more efficiently, TransCore says; fleet owners also can provide accurate detention billing, allowing them to increase revenue billing. Equally important, customers receive quicker notification of a possible trailer theft without a major drain on the battery caused by unnecessary and repetitive communications, according to the company.

    In-cab communications

    CabLink, a 100 percent satellite in-cab communications and dispatch analytics system, is designed to provide location tracking, engine diagnostics, two-way driver communications, custom configurations and flexible settings, along with full software integration that integrates seamlessly with major dispatch software programs. TransCore says CabLink now comes with:

  • A rugged, compact Windows-based WiFi-ready notebook, replacing the previous handheld keypad device;
  • Integrated Google maps; and
  • In anticipation of potential government-mandated requirements, expanded CabLink reporting capabilities to include the optional feature of electronic driver logs for accurate, auditable hours-of-service reporting.