Cadec, Procuro offer end-to-end real-time cold-chain management

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Cadec Global, a provider of advanced fleet management solutions, announced today, Oct. 8, what it describes as an industry first: Its Mobius TTS system now integrates with Procuro PIMM, providing a complete cold-chain management solution that enables food distributors to track and validate temperature of product in real time from “farm to fork.” The company says the integration also gives PIMM users the option of having all other Mobius driver-tracking information delivered right into their PIMM interface, without the need for additional hardware and communications costs.

Cadec says its Mobius system helps trucking fleets monitor driver behavior, improve safety and reduce costs, and its TempTracker module for in-route temperature monitoring gathers real-time temperature data from trailers using wireless sensor technology. Procuro says its PIMM Cold Chain Management System tracks temperatures at supplier sites, on transit trailers, within distribution centers and even at the restaurant level.

Integrating the two products together means that Cadec’s real-time TempTracker data and alerts can be viewed in customers’ PIMM interface, thus enabling companies to track and manage temperature-controlled items throughout the complete distribution chain to ensure safe and timely delivery, according to the companies; the combination of Cadec and PIMM provides more comprehensive and timely insight – including the ability to monitor both tethered and untethered trailers in real time – allowing users to receive automatic alerts from PIMM when temperatures vary from expected levels so that preventive measures can be taken.

“In-transit temperature variations can have a dramatic impact on quality and safety of food, and can also lead to heavy monetary losses for suppliers and distributors,” says Michael Baney, chief executive officer of Manchester, N.H.-based Cadec. “We’re very excited to be working with Procuro to provide Cadec’s customers with the most comprehensive real-time temperature tracking available today.”

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Vincent P. Gordon, chairman and CEO of Procuro, noted that more than half of all grocery store shrinkage comes from the perishables department. “If transporters don’t maintain consistently cool temperatures during the entire chain – from the warehouse through transport to the store – that food is going to have a shorter shelf life once it reaches its destination,” Gordon says. “This joint Cadec-Procuro solution can have a large impact on the financial success of distributors, transporters and retailers.”

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