RigMaster offers incentive on T2 Model APUs

RigMaster has rolled back the price of all T2 model units to pre-2005 pricing levels, offering customers a net savings of up to 10%, if purchased and installed between now and December 31st, 2008.

The RigMaster T2 APU burns just 2/10 gallon per hour and can save enough fuel to pay for itself in a year. It provides the operator with heating, air conditioning, 6000 Watts of electrical power for in-cab appliances and a 60 Amp DC alternator that charges the truck’s batteries. Available with either a Perkins or a Caterpillar engine, the T2 model is EPA compliant and can be operated in California when installed on 2006 or older model trucks.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone who has wanted to purchase an APU, but couldn’t afford it,” remarks Amy Egerter, RigMaster’s Marketing and Communication Manager, “In a time when the rest of the industry is raising prices, we have lowered ours to help our customers be more profitable by reducing their idling and fuel costs.”

For more information on this special program contact your RigMaster dealer. A listing of dealers can be found at www.rigmasterpower.com.

RigMaster Power Corp. is a long-standing supplier of premium stand-alone APU’s to the transportation industry. It manufactures and distributes the RigMaster Power APU in North America through an extensive network of over 200 independent sales and service locations.