Aljex answers FAQS with video how-tos

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Aljex Software Inc. — a provider of hosted management software for freight brokers, 3PLs and other transportation providers — has launched a new approach to customer training and support: short, targeted, online videos.

Aljex says it now provides 31 specific training videos on its website and that more are in production; users can view the videos 24/7, whenever they need answers to their questions. The videos range from one minute to 16 minutes long, with the average less than five minutes.

The Aljex videos are organized into three categories: dispatch training, account training and administrative. The title of each video indicates its specific content as well as its length. For example, one video is entitled “16 Minute Video for Dispatch Training.” Another is called “6 Minute Video on Fuel Surcharge Setup.” Yet another is “1 Minute Video on Setting Up a New Accessorial Charge.”

In each video, an instructor explains a procedure as the actions unfold on the appropriate Aljex screen. Videos can be downloaded and saved in three different formats or accessed directly over the Internet as streaming video. In any case, the user can stop a video at any point, back up, or start over as necessary.

“Even with software as intuitive as ours, people sometimes have questions,” says Tom Heine, president of Middlesex, N.J.-based Aljex. “We’ve created these videos to answer the questions we encounter most often. The idea, as always, is to increase efficiency, make work easier and boost profit for our customers.”

Customers can access the new Aljex training videos anytime on the Aljex site without having to log into their account. Anyone can review the available videos by going to and clicking on “Click to view training videos.”