Cheetah Software, Turnpike Global forge alliance

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Cheetah Software Systems and Turnpike Global Technologies have announced a partnership to offer an integrated logistics intelligence solution to transportation companies. Matching Cheetah’s dynamic routing and dispatch optimization with Turnpike’s hard-data-gathering capabilities, the solution injects real-time vehicle performance data into a dynamic, intelligent and predictive less-than-truckload and delivery software solution, the companies say.

For years, Cheetah says it has helped transportation and logistics companies move more goods with fewer miles driven, less fuel consumed and reduced overhead. Cheetah says customers benefit from its integrated customer workflow and logistics solution that intelligently automates and optimizes routing, dispatch and customer service with real-time capabilities.

Cheetah says it now can integrate Turnpike’s RouteTracker, an electronic onboard recorder that collects and reports on vehicle statistics and automates regulatory compliance information, providing customers with significant additional benefits:

  • Completed routes can be analyzed for aggressive driving practices that affect safety, regulatory compliance and efficiency;
  • Future routes can be planned based on individual and driver performance as well as regional variables that impact idle times, such as weather-related vehicle heating and cooling needs; and
  • Benchmarks can be established for vehicle efficiency, route variables and driver characteristics and used to verify performance improvements.
  • “Our unique partnership will provide our customers with a truly intelligent solution, allowing them to experience the benefits of the most effective and efficient products for managing their fleets,” says Stephan Karczag, Cheetah’s vice president. “Together, Cheetah and Turnpike provide customers with access to the exact information they need, when they need it – all updated in real time.”

    The companies say the combined solution leverages low-cost Java-enabled cell phones and Windows Mobile devices to provide applications that not only optimize routing, dispatch and customer service, but also automate regulatory compliance processes.

    As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Cheetah says it offers LTL and delivery software solutions that can be implemented in as few as 60 days and provide a return on investment within six months. At the same time, Turnpike says its RouteTracker installs in less than 15 minutes per vehicle, providing immediate reports that utilize truck data to improve the overall operational procedures of each vehicle. The combination of Cheetah and Turnpike thus offers a powerful logistics solution that can be implemented immediately and with only minimal capital investments, the companies say.

    “We are very pleased to partner with Cheetah and offer both our customers and the market an end-to-end transportation management solution that includes wireless dispatch, fleet optimization, tracking and regulatory compliance, as well as direct engine diagnostics reporting via the handheld,” says Brendan Staub, chief executive officer of Turnpike Global.