Nikolaus Tank Lines implements joint Cadec-TelaPoint solution

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Cadec Global, a provider of advanced fleet management solutions, announced today, April 8, a new technology alliance with Wright Express’ TelaPoint that the two companies say enables them to optimize fuel purchase and delivery systems for fuel distributors.

Cadec says it provides advanced fleet management systems that help trucking fleets track data such as truck speed and location in order to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and extend their supply chain into truck cabs. TelaPoint, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wright Express, provides transportation planning systems designed to help fuel distributors allocate orders appropriately while improving their ability to react quickly to unplanned events, increasing the productivity of dispatchers.

Under the terms of the strategic alliance, Cadec and TelaPoint say they have developed a new interface that allows fleets to run TelaPoint software on the Cadec On-Board Computers (OBCs) in their truck cabs; this enables dispatchers to communicate ever-changing dispatch information wirelessly to drivers. According to the companies, examples of the types of data dispatchers and drivers can now exchange wirelessly from the road include fuel pricing, actual lifting and dropping information, site inventory levels, freight settlement charges, customer signature capture and individual order status.

“Fuel distributors face some unique challenges with respect to fleet management – challenges that Cadec understands thoroughly from our many years working in the industry,” says Michael Baney, chief executive officer of Cadec, based in Manchester, N.H. “Together with TelaPoint, we’ve invested considerable resources into helping fuel distributors capture the knowledge required to optimize their fuel purchase and delivery operations. There’s no better partner for us in this endeavor than TelaPoint.”

The companies say that joint Cadec and TelaPoint customers can:

  • Achieve the best current pricing for fuel based on up-to-the-minute data;
  • Reduce cycle times for billing and payroll through electronic data exchange;
  • Toggle easily between their Cadec and TelaPoint software to monitor driver travel logs, truck efficiency data and compliance metrics;
  • Reduce excess in-ground inventory, run-outs, diversions and split loads;
  • Improve dispatcher productivity by eliminating paper and enabling instant communication between dispatchers and drivers; and
  • Automate collection of invoicing details such as quantities, pricing and fuel taxes/fees in order to improve invoice accuracy and supplier relationships.
  • “This joint solution will help fuel distributors gain unprecedented insight into delivery operations and costs,” says Steven Rubin, general manager of TelaPoint. “The ability to save even a few cents a gallon by carefully tracking pricing in real time can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in net gain for a large distributor. We’re very excited to be working with Cadec, which is so well known for its fleet management expertise, to provide this revolutionary technology to our customers.”

    One of the first customers to implement the joint solution is California-based fuel hauler Nikolaus Tank Lines Inc. According to Dave Palmer, vice president and general manager of Nikolaus Tank Lines, the integrated Cadec/TelaPoint solution will help his company extend its supply chain management efforts all the way into the cabs of its trucks.

    “We wanted to improve efficiency by removing as much paper as possible from the dispatch, pickup/delivery and invoicing processes,” Palmer says. “The integrated Cadec/TelaPoint solution will enable us to move to 100 percent e-logs and a completely paperless dispatch model, and also capture fuel price, delivery and bill-of-lading details at customer sites electronically. Based on our analysis, we expect big efficiency gains in terms of labor, direct cost savings from more advantageous fuel pricing, and improved cash flow from the ability to invoice faster.”