HDX Services converts faxes to EDI

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HDX Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datalliance, introduced the HDX FAX-to-EDI service, an Internet-based, heavy duty industry-specific service that converts faxed documents into standard EDI documents. HDX FAX-to-EDI is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, requiring no additional hardware or software – just a standard Internet connection and existing EDI software.

“The implementation of EDI has helped heavy duty truck companies achieve significant benefits by reducing manual processes. However, many companies still deal with a large number of inbound paper documents from their small to medium-sized trading partners who are not EDI-capable,” explained Edward Kuo, Executive Director of HDX Services.

According to HDX Services, benefits of FAX-to-EDI include:

  • Simplifies Internal Processes – HDX Fax-to-EDI reduces costs for transactions with non-EDI enabled trading partners by automating internal processes. Distributors and other trading partners fax their documents to a special toll-free number, and the service converts the fax into an electronic file – ready to be processed into an ERP system.
  • Speeds Order Processing – FAX-to-EDI transactions are delivered and processed instantly, reducing the delay in order recognition that companies experience with manual fax processing
  • Easy to Deploy – To take advantage of the HDX FAX-to-EDI service, companies only need to follow a few simple steps. They will specify preferred transaction formats, set up procedures to receive files, and let trading partners know they are starting the service. HDX takes care of the rest, including on-boarding of your distributors.
  • Cost-Effective – The HDX FAX-to-EDI service is a cost-effective way to reduce faxes and order handling costs by 40 percent or more.