Round LED headlamps

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Truck-Lite says its 7-inch round LED headlamps, now available in 12-volt, will be marketed for heavy- and medium-duty trucks. The headlamp application means brighter, crisper and whiter light output than incandescent alternatives, while offering greater dependability and as much as 50 times longer life, according to the company. The headlamps feature solid-state circuit board assemblies for added shock and vibration resistance, as well as hard-coated polycarbonate lenses designed to offer 30 times more impact strength than glass.
The LED headlamps are designed to replace any standard 7-inch round headlight within 12-volt applications; they can be aimed using standard mechanical aiming equipment. Truck-Lite says the headlamps meet or exceed all applicable U.S. Department of Transportation requirements pertaining to headlights.

53-foot reefer
The new CIMC R8000 refrigerated trailer is produced jointly by CIMC and Direct Chassis, a CIMC company and sister company to Vanguard National Trailer. CIMC designed the R8000 to withstand the rigors of the North American trucking market with exacting fit-and-finish specifications and an advanced foaming process that provides both thermal integrity and durability. The company says the reefer weighs slightly less than 13,000 pounds, although it can be spec’d with optional weight-saving components. The reefers are made in China and assembled in the United States and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet a wide range of applications and specific cargo requirements, according to the company.
Vanguard National Trailer

New temperature-control unit line
Thermo King announced a new product line that eventually will replace its temperature control units for straight trucks. The T-Series provides improved performance, fuel economy and lifecycle cost, said Tim Ryan, truck product director. The new models will be introduced from August through February.

The primary models will be one for normal operation powered by the truck’s diesel engine; a hybrid that can utilize plug-in power; and a hybrid that can use power from a hybrid truck’s electric storage. In the third case, using Thermo King’s Hybrid SmartPower, the owner will use 40 to 60 percent less fuel and emit 40 to 60 percent fewer pollutants, Ryan said.
The T-Series overall will offer 10 percent better fuel economy than existing models, due partly to improved throttle valve technology, Ryan said. The T-Series’ features, he said, include:
· A “slick exterior skin” that is more durable and scratch-resistant than current models;
· A honeycombed grille that allows for maximum airflow through the condenser coil;
· Placement of components to allow easier service and use;
· A driver interface that’s based on symbols, not text, to reduce driver error;
· Selectable alarm settings;
· Advanced belt systems that ensure proper tension; and
· Improvements that make it the company’s quietest system ever.
Thermo King

Higher-capacity hybrid reefer unit
Carrier Transicold has taken another larger step into the hybrid reefer unit market, introducing the Vector 6500, a hybrid refrigerated trailer cooling unit designed for the single-temperature reefer van market. “This is a Deltek hybrid for the rest of the market,” says David Kiefer, director of marketing and product management. Carrier’s original hybrid unit for the American market, the 1800 MT, is designed only for the multitemp refrigerated trailer market and does not have the cooling capacity needed for 53-foot van trailers maintained at a single temperature.

The unit has no mechanical drive parts, Kiefer says; the Tier 4 emissions-rated direct-injection Kubota diesel engine drives only a 23 KW electric generator that has one moving part and no bearings. Its compressor, which is driven by its own integral electric motor, is “semi-hermetic,” which means there is no shaft seal, a common refrigerant leakage point.

The condenser and evaporator fans are driven by long-life brushless AC motors, he says.
The largest area of cost savings will be use of electric standby operation, which, in some applications, means the ability to run units on the power grid while sitting in a warehouse yard or at a dock overnight or during weekends.

The unit heats the trailer with simple electrical resistance strips, which provides a substantial fuel savings over using the refrigeration system for heat, while also eliminating one-third of the refrigerant charge, Kiefer says; an ideal application is in a northern area where heat is required much of the year.

Kiefer says other savings accrue from the unit’s ability to shut off unneeded components at certain times; for example, the engine could start to charge the battery without running the compressor or evaporator fan. Large savings also can come from the elimination of such standard mechanical components as drive belts, fan shafts, idler pulleys, the alternator, gearbox and mechanical clutches, Kiefer says.

The compressor has been proven in use on the ocean in refrigerated containers and operates more smoothly than standard reefer unit compressors, eliminating the suction and discharge vibrasorber hose components, he says.
Carrier Transicold

Full-frame steel dump trailer
Steco Trailers says its Hauf dump trailer features formed side posts that extend downward from one side of the trailer across the bottom of the bed and up the opposite side, providing a complete U-frame and curved corners. According to the company, the trailer features a continuous weld of U-formed side posts, a smooth bed with easy-to-clean corners, and a top-hinged tailgate with remote air-controlled open and lock. Steco says available running gear includes 16.5-by-7-inch System 2S/M air brakes with auto slack and ABS, 5-inch-round axles with a 5/8-inch wall providing 25,000-pound capacity on a 711/2-inch track, and a 60,000-pound-capacity single-point straddle-mount suspension and sealed lighting system.

The initial model is a steel full-frame version designed to provide additional stability when the bed is lifted by keeping all trailer tires on the ground; the weight and rigidity of the updated frame also helps facilitate additional stability. Other models, including an aluminum design, are planned.
Steco Trailers

Liftgate power management system
The Permalogic Selector System is the latest development from Phillips Industries to address problems facing fleets running auxiliary equipment such as liftgates. The company describes the system as an intelligent controller that chooses the optimal source of power to fully charge liftgate batteries without the risk of draining power needed for other vital equipment functions. For reefer fleets, the system is designed to automatically select between the tractor (via dual pole) or the trailer’s reefer unit as the source of power to continuously charge the liftgate batteries to capacity. The tractor is the primary source of charge, but if the tractor voltage drops to 12.2V, the system is designed to shut off this source of power to eliminate any low-voltage starting issues; the system then utilizes the reefer for the power source if the reefer is operating correctly and producing more than 13.2V. Phillips says the system will automatically shut off if it senses a problem with the reefer’s electrical system and will not cause any out-of-balance issues with either the reefer unit or the tractor.
Phillips Industries

New tire sizes
Toyo Tire has rolled out two new sizes of its M154 ultra-premium regional highway commercial tire; both sizes, 265/75R22.5 and 245/75R22.5, are in load range G. The M154 incorporates the company’s proprietary e-balance technology designed to improve both endurance and resistance to irregular wear. Toyo says the tire – which is suited for steer applications, but can be used in any position – also is designed to help reduce fuel consumption while delivering reliable operation.
Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.

Tire chain system
Onspot Automatic Tire Chains, working in conjunction with Roadmaster Suspension Co., says its Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System is available for the GM C4500 chassis equipped with a Granning air suspension. Onspot says the system is mounted forward of the rear axle, while Roadmaster’s sway bar is mounted behind the rear axle to provide addition traction and stability.
Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

Air dryer
Parker Hannifin’s Racor Division says its Racor/Nabtesco Air Dryer provides vapor-free compressed air to a vehicle’s air brake system reservoir. The compact air dryer utilizes a proprietary high-performance desiccant designed for added durability and moisture-removing capacity, according to the company.
Parker Hannifin Corp.

UV leak detection lamp
Tracer Products describes its Tracerline Tritan 365 as a multi-LED broad-beam UV leak detection lamp that works with all fluorescent dyes – even difficult-to-fluoresce yellow dyes. The Tritan 365 features three ultra-high-intensity UV LEDs for fluorescent leak detection, plus a white-light LED to help illuminate dark work areas. The lamp’s broad-beam profile is designed to provide extra-wide-area coverage, which can be helpful when leak-checking large radiators and condensers. Its compact head is suited for cramped areas larger lamps can’t reach, with an inspection range of 20 feet or more. Tracer says the Tritan 365 is compact and lightweight, weighing 16 ounces. A convenient three-way rocker switch is designed to allow easy control of the light sources, while a lightweight, angled lamp body helps facilitate fatigue-free inspections. Instant-on operation allows the lamp to reach full intensity immediately, according to the company; the device has an 8-foot power cord with an AC plug and is available in 100V, 120V, 230V and 240V models.

Also available is the Tritan 365M portable battery-operated AC/DC lamp kit; along with the Tritan lamp, it has a rechargeable NiMH battery pack with an adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop, AC cord set, smart AC charger and UV-absorbing glasses, all packed in a padded carrying case.
Tracer Products

Quarter fenders
Spray Control Systems says its Minimizer high-end quarter fenders for over-the-road trucks, which are bigger than a typical quarter fender, feature interior ribbing designed to direct road spray and damaging stones down off mirrors, tanks, trailers and oncoming traffic. The company says the fender’s design hides mounting brackets on the inside for a smooth, seamless look. Additional features, according to Spray Control, include:
· Contour design for enhanced visual appeal;
· Lightweight kit that includes one pair of fenders (20 pounds total);
· Optional custom logo on spray guard flap;
· Galvanized powder-coated and zinc-plated hardware to resist rust;
· Performance from -100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit; and
· Stainless-steel top-flap fasteners and mounting clamp.
The company says the durable quarter fenders require zero maintenance and are able to withstand the wear and tear of the roughest OTR conditions; they won’t stress-crack, rust, fade or require painting or polishing. Standard black poly quarter fenders also are available.
Spray Control Systems

Oil filters
SPX Filtran says its proprietary DoubleDuty diesel engine oil filters replace conventional OE designs and extend oil service intervals by two to five times the normal rate. According to the company, DoubleDuty oil filters provide two levels of filtration, facilitating a cleaner lube system oil and removing contaminants more than 20 microns during full flow filtration; sub-micron particles such as soot are removed using integral bypass filtration.

The company says the complete filtration system is contained within the same size package as an OE design filter and uses the identical engine mounting; a single SAE-4 hose and fitting added to the existing engine port allows the super-clean oil processed to return directly to the engine without requiring a remote-mount bypass filter system. According to SPX Filtran, DoubleDuty improves lube oil filtration under harsh and demanding service conditions such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems that usually increase the level of soot contaminant in diesel engine oil.
SPX Filtran

Electrical, fastener kits
Del City now offers a variety of preassembled electrical and fastener kits. The line of kits offers eight different assortments that include O-ring, cotter-pin, stainless-steel screws, heat shrink, multigauge terminal and battery kits. Each kit is complied with an array of products in one convenient package, and each piece is sorted in a small, lightweight plastic or metal compact case, suitable for storing in any workshop or vehicle or to be carried to any jobsite, the company says. Each kit has a component chart attached to the cover, helping to identify each piece more easily.
Del City

Utility carts
Stanley Proto says its utility carts are designed for technicians who have to move tools around a large area. The heavy-duty model (46 inches high, 39 inches long and 23 inches wide) is actually a cart, rolling toolbox and workstation all rolled into one, according to the company; it includes a lift lid with a rigid vinyl top that serves as a 900-square-inch work surface when closed. Oil-filled shocks facilitate smooth operation when the lid is being opened and closed to access the tools within. The lid is attached to ball-bearing slides and can slide backward to reveal a two-tier tool storage compartment: a shallow upper shelf for wrenches and other hand tools, and a deep lower shelf for bulkier items. A row of slots on the side and at the rear of the compartment can secure long items, including screwdrivers, socket extensions and pry bars. The storage area is completed by two 23/4-inch-deep drawers and one 6-inch-deep drawer, both of which open or close on 100-pound ball-bearing slides. The cart also has a fixed bottom shelf for storage of large or seldom-used items. The drawers and the lid are locked by a single barrel lock at the front of the cart to help protect tools and parts when not in use.

The standard-duty model (38 inches high, 37 inches long and 20 inches wide) is a basic two-shelf utility cart that includes double-layer corner posts to facilitate added strength, as well as a split handle designed to allow for multiple gripping angles.
Stanley Proto

LED beacon
Ecco says its 7160 Series Reflex LED Beacon, combined with reflector technology, produces a powerful SAE Class I/California Title 13-approved warning signal in a light that also offers multiple flash patterns, hi-lo intensity control and synchronization capability. Low amp draw, zero maintenance and an extended life make the light a suitable option for replacing strobe or rotating lights, according to the company.