BTS updates National Transportation Statistics

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The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has updated 43 tables on the National Transportation Statistics (NTS) online publication. NTS is a BTS compilation of transportation data from various sources presented in an easy-to-use format, according to the bureau; the updated tables cover subjects in the areas of road and street mileage, merchant fleet size, bridge condition transit vehicle age, safety and fuel consumption.

Included among the updated tables were: Public Road and Street Mileage in the United States by Type of Surface (Table 1-4); U.S. Sales or Deliveries of New Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels and Other Conveyances (1-12); U.S.-Mexican Border Land-Passenger Gateways: Entering the United States (1-45); Transit Safety and Property Damage Data (2-31); U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Attributed to For-Hire Transportation Services (Current and Chained $ billions) (3-1a, 3-1b); Personal Consumption Expenditures on Transportation by Subcategory (3-13); Domestic Demand for Gasoline by Mode (4-7); Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-9), Passenger Car, Motorcycle, Other 2-Axle 4-Tire Vehicle, Single-Unit 2-Axle 6-Tire or More Truck, Combination Truck and Bus Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-11 to 4-15); Amtrak Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-18); U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Use by Sector (4-49); Motor Vehicles Scrapped (3-25b); and Summary of Transportation Revenues and Expenditures from Own Funds and User Coverage (4-54).

NTS can be found here.